Here you will find a collection of quotes of mine. The ones below are all older, but they will be continually updated to explore the growth of my ideas. Save them if you please, and feel free to share them as well. I only ask that credit is given if you do decide to share. Enjoy!
“Only he who has conquered himself can ever hope to conquer the world.”
“Do not fret because you have no talents. Fret because you have not yet found them.”
“We never unleash the potential of our minds because we never simply stop to think."
“Intelligence means not value, nor value intelligence. To conflate them to endanger all."
“Positive change is only as hard as negativity makes it."
"To be in tune with the infinity is to be in tune with yourself." 
“The world is yours for the taking. You need only find the will within to seize it."
“He who makes no enemies makes no difference."
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