• J. W. Barlament

Nature's Way and Man's War



Universal Nature.

Whatever it is.

It is. And nothing more.

It does not say or act or want.

It exists for existence’s own sake; lives not to thrive, but to survive.

There is one bit of this Nature, though, that rejects itself. Man does not live to survive. Man lives to thrive.

Man rages against the tranquil flow of the universal Nature. He refuses to be just another wave in the waters of the world. He wishes not to fit in, but instead, to stand out.

This discontent is, indeed, what makes him great. Without it, he would never achieve anything. Still, it is a blemished blessing that comes with a curse. For if man is always trying to thrive – to leave a lasting legacy – he can never relax and solely survive. His quest for grandiosity squashes his appreciation of simplicity.

Can there be no symbiosis between the way of Nature and the warring of Man? Must our lives be fated to either follow one or the other? Or may there be a middle way?

This synthesis may be a dream today. And the forms it eventually takes may vary wildly. But take form it will.

We’ve wandered, and now, we inevitably return. A balance shall be struck up.

A delicate dance propagated throughout the endless ages.

Brotherhood between Man and Nature.

Truly universal unity.

Lasting liberty.