• J. W. Barlament

Moon Song

A light upon the black;

The moon upon a many-starred night sky.

I watch with teary eyes, the lunar beauty only making me remember her,

While Venus sits beside to pose and solar shadow covers up her glow and love leaves me alone a time again.

And then the world goes red. Selene seeps passion, Venus fades away, and Sol takes over. Lunar silver stains — shines — somehow, even brighter in barrage’s midst, for maybe what pains me is mine alone.

She shimmers red like it were silver. I just wipe my tears away in quiet awe. All is right after all.

Whether white or red or here or there, she shines, and I admire.

The shadow shifts; the night regains its light;

The moon alone illuminates me.

blood moon
photo by Yu Kato