• J. W. Barlament

I Am that I Am

I am that I am. This wisdom was immortalized in Exodus, but in truth, it is and has always been eternal. There are no divisions in existence. There is nothing that is really this or that - everything simply is. And, if everything simply is, then I simply am. For me to describe myself, or for you to describe yourself, as anything else is but an abstraction.

But, of course, mere people cannot comprehend all of existence, and so, abstractions are necessities. If we did not interpret existence into abstractions, we would be unable to interpret it at all. This is the tragic fate of man; to exist, and yet, to not understand existence. We are destined to struggle to understand ourselves and our surroundings for what, thus far, has been all of time. But, as has been supposed before, perhaps this is, in fact, our superpower. "Be grateful, for you have the one thing that God does not - limitations".

Thus, "I am that I am" may be a perfect expression of existence, but existence does not lend itself well to practicality. We must be something, in our limited and little lives, other than just "that which we are". And, because of that fact, I am J.W, and what you are is up to you.