• J. W. Barlament

Desirelessness & Its Difficulty

Everyone knows the all-encompassing solution to their own and all the world’s problems.

Intuitively. Buried, somewhere deep within their labyrinthic psyches, like a golden nugget under a hundred feet of dirt.

We’re all willfully ignorant of our own abilities.

We’re all going through life like we’ve got a thousand years to live.

But we don’t.

And we can be so much more than what we are right now.

But we refuse to.

It’s as if modern man is sitting on the middle of a seesaw, with his animalistic ancestors and his dignified descendants battling endlessly to knock him over to their side.

And it’s making us sick.

Every single one of us.

There are no prevailing ideas in this chaotic modernity of ours.

The things that tie the severing sectors of humanity together dwindle by the day.

So what is the solution, then? Whatever do we do to mend our wounds and move on?

Well first, we must realize that all our problems are really one, and that one is rooted in delusion.

We reject what we are in favor of what we have been and can be.

But to live like this is to live in incessant disgust of our lives.

When we accept what we are, we surpass everything we have been and become everything we can be all at once.

It would all be so easy if this acceptance – this desireless – weren’t so monstrously hard.