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Desire & Desirelessness

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

We do not desire "things".

Money cannot keep us content.

Fame and status cannot fill our empty hearts.

Natural or man-made; antique or cutting-edge; material or immaterial.

None of them are anything except distractions from what really matters.

And all of them are enemies of real fulfillment.

Not one of the countless different "things" that we hold close, no matter how we try to justify them, will ever do us any good in the end.

It is, in the end, desirelessness we desire.

It is that peaceful feeling of ethereal acceptance.

It is existing without worry, enmity, or negativity.

Of being totally content in every moment, whatever it entails.

Of being perfectly in sync with every little beast and rustling leaf you meet.

Of being thoroughly in awe of all the stars and constellations twirling over you.

Of being.

But we cannot let ourselves be swept up just yet.

While fantasizing of the ends, we cannot let ourselves forget the means.

The world around us roars in pain.

All of nature stands as one in wishing for a way out.

And in the background, human Shadows laugh hysterically.

For they knew that it was them who made this mess.

And they knew that, from the genesis and to the end, they have been and will be there to swim within the red pools of their own labor.

The Shadows do not only work in shadows, though.

Their companions, and unwitting servant boys, go singing of them in the daylight.

These false prophets keep the people placated.

And now, due to their unquenchable thirst, the snakes are in charge of the gardens.

They are not the men, but they are the desires driving them.

And they rule the institutions and the dialogues alike.

Defeat them.

But how, after millennia of warfare, may they be defeated?

May they be beaten back on bloodied fields of battle?

If it were possible, it would already have been done.

So no, they may not be fought.

But, paradoxically enough, they may be loved.

For if they're loved, they lose.

Loving them, and all of them, wherever they may be, and whatever they're attached to, defeats their entire purpose, and thus, defeats them.

But all this seems too easy for our muddied minds.

We're all unendingly inundated with a wealth of advice on how to live our lives.

But it is all too confused in complexity to be of any help.

The best advice can never come from a hundred books or a million gurus.

The best advice can only come from the world within.

Do not let the distractions catch your eye.

The answer's easy.

And said answer is simply to be.

And when you let yourself be, you will accept all that you were and are and may someday become.

And you will feel all of your shadowy desires slowly slipping away.

And you will open your eyes.

And you will be desireless.

And you will be free.

For you will be.

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