• J. W. Barlament

Desire & Desirelessness

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It is not things we desire.

No amount of money may ever keep us content.

No status or fame may fill our empty hearts.

Nor even people, treated as things, may make us happy.

It is desirelessness we desire.

It is that feeling of ethereal peace.

Of being totally content in the moment, no matter what the moment is.

Of being in sync with every little beast and rustling leaf you meet.

Of being in awe of all the stars and constellations above you.

Of being.

There is a wealth of advice out there on how to live your life.

It is all too confused in complexity and jargon to be of any help.

The best advice does not come from new gurus telling you to be this or that.

The best advice comes from perennial wisdom.

And said advice is simply to be.

And when you let yourself be - when you accept where you were and are and may someday end up - you will feel all of your parasitic desires slipping away.

And you will open your eyes.

And you will be desireless.

And you will be free.

For you will be.