• J. W. Barlament

Beneath a Tree with Poisoned Leaves

Colors once o’er ruled these flowing fields

Now blue and black and white and worn

I sat beneath a tree with poisoned leaves

And I perceived a world’s a-maddened mourns

Stains of red of men now dead did dot the snow

The old already dirt beneath the freezing storms

For slaughter it’d been since serpent rose from water

And the father had abandoned them in all his forms

So wolves of titan size assaulted sun and moon

In worlds gone dark, all evil goes unseen

Some tried to fight the icy tides, their souls submerged

Three winters, with no summer in between

Now mountains crumbled ‘fore my very eyes

And earthquakes shook existence to a halt

So numbered were the people’s funeral pyres

That drops of fire rained like it was all my fault

There were armies of irated men amassed

And fathers sharpened swords against their sons

And far above, their ancestors amassed themselves

Ashamed of their descendants, irregardless what they’d won

Made a world that once was brimmed with beauty

Terraform into a pit of unabashed sin

Unaware that sleeping gods were soon to bring

The deaths of kings and green men’s grins

All of these and many other tragedies I watched

While sitting ‘neath that tree with poisoned leaves

But all will be alright, I bet, at last

When from this ash a sapling’s born of blue and green

“The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani”, John Charles Dollman, 1909

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