After trying to write a book for as long as I'd been able to write at all, I finally succeeded with a fantasy epic in 2017, following it up with a sequel in 2018 and a finale to the series in 2019 - making for a trilogy with intrigue, excitement, and adventure aplenty. And, for some ungodly reason, I decided around mid-2017 to start a blog on top of it all. That blog has since moved from site to site and underwent a few different periods of activity and inactivity, but now, it's made a permanent home here.

After moving from the middle of the Midwest to New York City in 2020 to attend school at Columbia University, I put a temporary hold on all fiction writing (and inadvertently most of my article writing as well). Now, however, in my summer stint in the Black Hills and beyond, I've come back around to getting all the writing in the world done. With fixations on fantasy, poetry, history, mythology, philosophy, spirituality, politics, language, and plenty more, I'm hoping that my writing journey's just beginning.