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“Still, the soldiers’ overjoyed commanders seemed not to notice their inferiors' discomfort. It was as if they lived in a different world; one filled with gleaming warriors and devoid of any miserable men. Of course, no matter how much their soldiers suffered, the commanders would be paid handsomely for their efforts in the south. War was all the same to them. Provoke. Profit. Repeat. Rarely did they leave room for remorse. Never did they leave room for humanity. They would continue killing and enriching themselves for all eternity if they were allowed to. And, as it appeared, no one was about to stop them.”

-The Ruin of a Ruler, Part II

From the Blog


"At Lascaux Cave, within a section called the Hall of Bulls, we see (surprisingly enough) a depiction of a bull, with dots arranged around its eye. Above and to the right of it sit one series of dots, and below and to the left of it sit some dots and strange shapes, which (...) line up just about perfectly with the constellations of Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades, Orion seeming to be holding up something sharp in his hand and Taurus leaning down menacingly with its mighty horns. And so, amongst some of the oldest paintings known to man, we see what seems to be a star map. (...) Even 17,000 years ago, man was looking to the stars. And, in this particular region, he was seeing a battle between man and bull."

-The Oldest Story Ever Told: Unraveling Orion

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